Technical Visit on Methane and Feed Efficiency in Dairy Cows

Methane analyser

Methane analyser

On the 25th of June 2014, RuminOmics’ partner, European Forum For Animal Breeders (EFFAB), with support of the University of Nottingham organised the technical visit on the Sutton Bonington campus of the University.

Ruminomics is a project whose aim is to integrate expertise and technologies to increase rumen efficiency and decrease the environmental footprint of ruminant production. The main objective of the Technical Visit was to introduce and provide projects updates on the outcomes and to receive feedback from various stakeholders regarding the relevancy of the tools and technologies being developed under the project.

cowsThirty participants including feeding industries, universities, young scientists and representatives from different government institutes attended the technical visit. An introduction to the project including the presentation of intermediate result; feed efficiency and changing diet with respect to lowering methane emissions; research conducted on methane emissions in dairy cows; and pathways through the rumen were presented during the visit. In addition, participants were able to visit the experimental farm on the Sutton Bonington campus where trials on methane emissions are being conducted.

DSC_1374The visit was closed by a lively discussion where organisers collected the needs from the different stakeholders as well as recommendations to further fine tune the developments of the project.