Climate Smart Cattle Farming and Breeding

On August 31st 2015 a full day seminar was organised on Climate Smart Cattle Farming and Breeding at the Annual Meeting of the European Association of Animal Science (EAAP). METHAGENE, OPTIBARN and RuminOmics were responsible for organising this day, together with the Cattle Commission of EAAP.

The password for viewing the presentations is: EAAP_W2015PL

Part 1: general overviews

Global perspectives for climate smart cattle farming and breeding
M.C.T. Scholten

Achieving economic and socially sustainable climate smart farming
Invited E. Wall

Climate smart cattle farming – management and system aspects
T. Kristensen and L. Mogensen

Dairy production and the carbon cycle: the importance of land use and land use change
C.E. Van Middelaar and I.J.M. De Boer

Optimised animal specific barn climatisation facing climate change
S. Hempel, B. Amon, C. Ammon, G. Hoffmann, C. Menz, G. Zhang, I. Halachmi, A. Del Prado, F. Estelles, W. Berg, R. Brunsch and T. Amon

RuminOmics – connecting the animal genome, gastrointestinal microbiomes and nutrition
C. Thomas and J. Wallace

METHAGENE – towards large-scale methane measurements on individual ruminants for genetic evaluations
Y. De Haas and J. Lassen

Part 2: genetic and nutritional aspects

Genome-wide association study for methane emission in Danish Holstein cattle
J. Lassen, P. Lovendahl and G. Sahana

Methane emission collected on Polish commercial dairy farm
M. Pszczola, M. Szalanski and T. Strabel

Methane emission of dairy cows reflected by sensor measurements
M.H.P.W. Visker, P.P.J. Van Der Tol, H. Bovenhuis and J.A.M. Van Arendonk

Assessment of breath methane measurement with an artificial reference cow in the lab
L. Wu, P. Groot Koerkamp and N. Ogink

Proxies for methane output in dairy cattle: evaluation as indirect traits for breeding
E. Negussie and F. Biscarini

Can chamber and SF6 CH4 measurements be combined in a model to predict CH4 from milk MIR spectra?
A. Vanlierde, M.-L. Vanrobays, F. Dehareng, E. Froidmont, N. Gengler, S. Mcparland, F. Grandl, M. Kreuzer, B. Gredler, H. Soyeurt and P. Dardenne

Variability among dairy cows in methane, digestibility and feed efficiency
P.C. Garnsworthy, J. Craigon, E. Gregson, E. Homer, S. Potterton, P. Bani, E. Trevisi, P. Huhtanen, K. Shingfield and A. Bayat

Feed intake, digestion efficiency and methane emissions of lactating cows of different age
F. Grandl, M. Furger, J.O. Zeitz, M. Kreuzer and A. Schwarm
[presentation not available]

RuminOmics technologies and methane, a mixture of metagenomics and metaproteomics
T.J. Snelling, F. Strozzi and R.J. Wallace

Host genetic effects on the rumen microbiome as revealed by rumen content exchange in lactating cows
I. Tapio, A. Bonin, K. Shingfield, S. Ahvenjarvi and J. Vilkki
[presentation not available]

Enteric methane emissions from beef cattle of different genetic groups in confinement in Brazil
A. Berndt, L.S. Sakamoto, F.B. Ferrari, H. Borba, E.D.M. Mendes and R.R. Tullio