Lodi presentations

Welcome from local organising committee. Francesco Strozzi
Overview of the RuminOmics project. John Wallace, Project Coordinator

Project updates: the Phenotypes perspective
Sustainability in ruminants and proxies for methane emissions. Filippo Biscarini
From genotype to phenotype. Johanna Vilkki
Field-scale study of rumen function, efficiency and emissions in dairy cows ‘The 1000 cow study’. Phil Garnsworthy
From farm to fork: the hidden impact of breeding systems through a life-cycle perspective. Elena Neri

From the breeding industry
Regional breeding industry and goals (short communications from the region).

Making use of novel phenotypes: CH4, feed efficiency
Global view of environmental impact of ruminant livestock production. Paolo Bani
Relationships between methane and feed efficiency. Phil Garnsworthy
Methane biochemical markers from archaea lipids and co-enzymes. Hugo Oliveira

Beyond genetics (gene regulation, metagenomics, microbiome, epigenetics)
Does the host animal control the activity and composition of its gut microbes? Ilma Tapio
Regulatory RNA in ruminants. Ilaria Fojadelli