Final Conference Presentation


Monday, 7th December
10.00 Introduction – project aims and description. John Wallace, Project Coordinator, University of Aberdeen

Understanding the Nutrition/Animal Genome/Microbiome complex
10.30 Nutrition – Nitrogen, carbohydrate, lipid studies. Pekka Huhtanen, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
11.00 Microbiome – Buccal samples, deep sequencing, proteomics. John Wallace, University of Aberdeen
11.30 Host effects on rumen microbiome – lessons from reindeer and twin cow studies. Johanna Vilkki, Luke and Kevin Shingfield, Aberystwyth University

Field-scale study of rumen function, efficiency and emissions in dairy cows. ‘The 1000 cow study’
13.45 Nutrition, emissions and efficiency. Phil Garnsworthy, University of Nottingham
14.15 Rumen microbiome. Ilma Tapio, Luke
14.45 Cow genome. Francesco Strozzi, Parco Tecnologico Italiano