RuminOmics work project diagramThe work plan comprises 9 interlinked work packages (WP 2 to 10) supported by a Coordination and Management WP.

WP 2 will establish best approaches for metagenomics and microbiomics in the light of fast-breaking new sequencing technologies and will establish a common set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to apply across research sites.

WPs 3-5 are data-generating in relation to animal phenotypes, host-microbiome relationships and nutritional strategies.

Samples will be subjected to molecular analysis in WP 6 and data will be modelled in WP 7 by a combination of advanced statistical approaches, bioinformatics and systems biology. Outcomes from these analyses will feed into the tools for end users in WP8.

The whole project will be disseminated in transversal WP9 and guided and monitored by end-users in WP10.

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