Jakub Mrazek

researcher profile_template_MrazekTell us about yourself (who are you? Where are you from? What is your educational background?)
I’m from the Czech Republic. I’m a biochemist by education (MSc degree), moved to microbiology and molecular biology later (PhD). I´m interested in microbial diversity description.

What is your role in RuminOmics?
I am mainly involved in WP6. My role is administration and performance of DNA isolation from pure bacterial cultures and lyophilized rumen fluid samples. I’m also involved in Butyrivibrio whole genome sequencing and occasional PCR-DGGE and qPCR analyses.

What interested you most about the project?
Getting answers to practical issues, it’s not just basic research.

Did you have any other career aspirations?
Yes, a comic book artist.

If you could travel in time would you go to the past or future and why?
No, I try to not look back. From errors came experience.