Work Package (WP) 6 – Molecular analysis

WP Leader: Pierre Taberlet
Email: pierre.taberlet[at]

photo1This WP will produce all the different types of molecular data to facilitate the molecular analyses to address the Ruminomics objectives. The technologies available for molecular analysis are rapidly advancing, with each technology advance facilitating the production of more extensive data, more rapidly and more cheaply. Therefore the selection of the optimum technology is best done at the time that the study is to be carried out. The methodology for the tasks in this WP are indicative and based on best current practice, detailed protocols will be updated as the tasks are initiated.


To carry out all the molecular analysis that must be implemented in Ruminomics. More specifically to:

  • produce molecular data for analyzing the microbial genomics;
  • to sequence all the barcode markers for assessing the rumen (+ buccal and faecel samples) composition in term of eubacteria, archaea, fungi, protozoa, and plants;
  • produce sequence data for analyzing the rumen metagenome;
  • to genotype association discovery and confirmation cattle populations.

These activities are closely integrated with tasks in WPs 3 to 5 and 7.

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